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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Would you love to have someone to ask any random financial question, who will work to get you the answer? 
Monthly subscription service or keep it simple with Managed Asset fees
Fee reduction or free tax return preparation with McCloskey Tax Prep

Financial plans are best when they are dynamic and change as your life and goals change. 

I will create a financial plan for you which we will review and update on an ongoing basis. Elements of the plan will include: 

  • About You (summary of family, income, goals, preferences, present and future money needs)

  • Overview and Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats (“SWOT”) analysis

  • Balance Sheet – a snapshot of your assets and liabilities (debt) and Cash Flow statement

  • Tax projection for next year, review of your recent tax return, tax strategy

  • Retirement projection and recommendations

  • Insurance overview and recommendations

  • Investment analysis of current portfolio and recommendations

  • Review your estate plan documents, possible referral to estate planning attorney if needed

We will meet every year and more often as needed, and you will have unlimited access for emails and calls. 

Full service with either a monthly subscription fee or with portfolio management fees (full services included with managed assets over $250,000).

Monthly fees start at $150 for all services. 

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More about our services

Your best interest is always first!

Retirement Planning

Do you wonder if you’ll have enough for your retirement? We can help answer that question in a few ways. Using our planning software, we can get an idea about where your account balances may end up in future time frames. We can also work with you to help create or shore up your strategies for your retirement funding. 
Your lifestyle goals, budgeting, cash flow, investments and optimizing for taxes are topics we will cover, resulting in a plan just for you.

Portfolio Management

You deserve a strong portfolio management team that uses the latest financial science and market data. After we get to know you and your unique and specific situation, goals and timeline, we can help create the strategy for your investments. You will have access to your investments, quarterly reports and meetings with your advisor to assure we are in alignment on your solution.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

Protection and Risk Avoidance

Some risks are too… risky! You may have family who depend on your support or a favorite charity you’d like to fund with your legacy. While a long life is a blessing, it brings the chance of ‘outliving’ your retirement savings, or having to live on less. Pair that risk with the fast-rising cost of healthcare and your golden and twilight years may not have the comforts that you would like.

At Serenity, we want you to be certain that should something catastrophic occur, you have the right protections such as Life and Long-Term Care insurance. We also offer annuity products, which can create a guaranteed* income for your life.

Your best interest is always first. We will absolutely not recommend any product that is not appropriate for you and you will always have options and be able to make your own choice without any sales pressure.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

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