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Independent Women

Gaining wealth and confidence

More than ever, women succeed in well-paying roles, as the head of household or family breadwinner.
At the same time, women’s retirement accounts lag those of men’s, and if women are too risk-averse with their investments, they may miss out on periods of market growth.  Are you saving enough, and are your investments appropriate for you and your goals?

Independent Women: Welcome

Your money should work harder

Investing is important because your money can earn money, by way of dividends (payments made to shareholders), interest payments to bondholders and by share values increasing in value over time. By investing in diverse sectors and financial instruments, you can reduce the risk of your overall portfolio (when one area may lose value, another area may gain and over time, your money can grow).

A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Using qualified accounts, like your 401(k) or a Roth IRA, gives your money a chance to grow without paying taxes on the growth each year. This adds even more value as you are not losing part of your growth to your tax bill.

Distributions from traditional IRAs and employer sponsored retirement plans are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken prior to reaching age 59½, may be subject to an additional 10% IRS tax penalty. A Roth IRA offers tax free withdrawals on taxable contributions. To qualify for the tax-free and penalty-free withdrawal of earnings, a Roth IRA must be in place for at least five tax years, and the distribution must take place after age 59½ or due to death, disability, or a first time home purchase (up to a $10,000 lifetime maximum). Depending on state law, Roth IRA distributions may be subject to state taxes.

Independent Women: About Me
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Women want authentic advisors

At Serenity Wealth Partners, we recognize your role as decision-maker and you will be heard, understood and supported. I will present options and educate you on the projected outcomes, trade-offs and costs of each. I will always do what is in my power to get you the information you need.
We will work together so you understand the rationale behind your options, with the decision-making always in your hands.
Serenity is here to help.

Independent Women: About
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