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Finding Serenity

It's been a little while since my last post. Like you, life was flip-turned upside-down (to quote the Fresh Prince), but I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Are you feeling more positive lately, as the days lengthen and warm, and the news offers so much hope?

For our family, the hardest challenge of the past year has been helping our children (age almost 6 and 9.5) to adjust and cope with the loss of going to school. Secondly, we worry about our parents (mine were ill this fall but have recovered).

A couple things I did to cope: With the gym being closed, I joined my kids' taekwondo program and take classes online or outside at the park. I love it and am now a Purple belt! I also started swimming in the SF Bay (yes it is cold but wetsuits help).

Thankfully, my home-office was already all set up and my business can keep going.

Here is a photo of me right now in my home office.

I know that so many women are shouldering most of the burden of childcare and housework at home this year. Financially, this year was a rollercoaster for so many of us. I know you miss your family members who are far away, and you miss regular life. I hope we can get there, and meanwhile, I hope for all of you, you can find those times of serenity. Stay well, and know that I'm here, just a zoom-call away!


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