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Conversation Circle

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I’m going to talk a lot about Dimensional Funds, and part of the reason I love them is because of the fantastic events they host! (Most of why I love them is because of their love and dedication to financial scientific research and data, which informs their portfolio management). 

Recently, I was lucky to be invited to a Women & Wealth conference at their headquarters in Austin, TX. There were 12 women advisors from across the country and we spent two days together, made extra great because there were the most incredible chocolate desserts at every meal. 

We participated in a Conversation Circle, which is an activity with everyone seated in a circle and talking and journaling on a topic. We were learning how to do this for our clients, but were experiencing from the POV of a client. The topic was Money. We journaled and shared about our first money memory, personal values, beliefs about budgeting, saving and money goals.  It got emotional reeeally fast but was a welcome departure from the usual staid advisor meetings. 

In order to get to the heart of something, it can be best to go indirectly and have people make discoveries about themselves, rather than having the advisor just sit and tell them things. I think people learn better, enjoy and value the interaction more when it has these rich and personal experiences woven with the financial advising. 

So much of our behavior is based on beliefs we hold, and (in support and kindness) shining a light on these can help people move forward toward their goals, whether it be related to their accounts or ‘living their best lives’.

Conversation Circles: 5 stars, would repeat! 


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